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Yet, there are more differences than similarities between HR and OD. Since I have yet to find a satisfactory explanation that would help someone understand the differences in a meaningful way, here is my feeble attempt to clarify what is a pretty murky area.

What is Organization Development?

Historically, Human Resources professionals were primarily concerned with the efficient management of the employment process from recruitment to termination. HR also focused on helping the organization comply with governmental regulations and in mitigating employment-related risks. Thus, HR found itself acting in a support role to the other business units. And, HR was very process-and-compliance-oriented in its thinking. Organizational development , on the other hand, was created as a way of applying behavioral science to help organizations improve individuals and systems.

At its heart, OD is supposed to represent purposeful and meaningful change for the better.

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An OD practitioner uses two primary tools in his or her work: 1. Assessments 2.

Home - Organization Development and Change Division

Instead, they are interested in data and research. Here is a partial list of the different roles that were frequently handled by HR and OD in the past:. Although not comprehensive, this list should give one a pretty good feel for the basic historical differences that existed between these two functions. This advice has taken root in many companies, and the focus on creating a strategic HR department is now quite common.

Organizational development 101

Bradford Editor , W. Warner Burke Editor.

This book is full of intelligent questions, provocative appraisals, and prescriptions for action that they serve. It should lead? Whether or not it does, there is a great deal to learn here about organizations and relevant professional practice. Bartunek, Robert A. He is the author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of fourteen books and the winner of numerous awards including The Lippitt Memorial Award, from the American Society for Training and Development.

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Alban, and Roy J. Undetected location. The business benefits when both types of change are affirmed within an organization.

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  7. While long-term, systemwide planning that results in change the OD model can be very beneficial for an organization and its bottom line, failure to act quickly and to make immediate decisions, even when those processes violate OD principles, may well result in the demise of the organization. Click here to read more about when and why an organization should use organization development.

    By David Marshall - Sep 12, By David Marshall - Aug 29, What does that mean? Get the latest business tips, trends, and best practices from the Berrett-Koehler Blog—straight to your inbox. What is Organization Development? The target of the change effort is the whole organization, departments, work groups, or individuals within the organization and, as mentioned earlier, may extend to include a community, nation, or region.

    OD recognizes the importance of top management's commitment, support, and involvement.

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