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He kept putting wood on the fire, half afraid the bear would come back. All the while he tried to think of a solution. But in reality, the bear was not his primary adversary. Nor was the wolf, nor any animal. Brian had become his own worst enemy because in all the business of hunting, fishing and surviving he had forgotten the primary rule: Always, "always" pay attention to what was happening. Everything in nature means something and he had missed the warnings that summer was ending, had in many ways already ended, and what was coming would be the most dangerous thing he had faced since the plane crashed.

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Sign up. Password recovery. With winter on the horizon, Brian's real struggles were supposed to begin. Yet this was the major flaw in the plot. All struggles were easily solved with little to no barriers. Brian's experience in the frigid Canadian Winter paled in comparison to what a real 13 year old would have experienced had they had been in Brian's shoes.

Paulsen also failed to carry forth many of the themes from the Hatchet, such as "The Secret" and how the death of the Pilot haunted him. Paulsen had tried to give his readers what they wanted, Brian's struggle to survive in the Canadian Winter, but instead, he had given them much of what they wanted less of; easy fixes and luck. Brian never struggled in the winter, he never went hungry, got severely injured that greatly hindered his survival, and never even so much as got frost bite, despite having little to no clothing. Hatchet was by far the better of the two and Brian's story should have left off there.

View all 4 comments. Dec 03, Isaac Sheets rated it it was amazing. I love Gary Paulsen, and every signal book he makes. They're just so awesome and Brian's Winter pretty much follows after the first book "Hatchet", and shares the story if Brian never got out of the Canadian forest before winter. So now his whole conflict is Winter. I though it was really cool how Gary would give us readers this story even when it wasn't even meant to happen with the ending of Hatchet. The book just really goes into detail how Brian prepares for the closer comin I love Gary Paulsen, and every signal book he makes.

The book just really goes into detail how Brian prepares for the closer coming winter. Its really cool to just read what is going to happen next because you will never really expect it. That's why this is one of the few books I actually ever read because I couldn't put the thing down. I give Brian"s Winter 5 stars because its an easy read and really cool to follow, and hey it gets you into the winter holiday spirit. Jun 28, Joni rated it really liked it. Audiobook narrated by Richard Thomas. In this third book of Brian's saga, we find out what happens when Brian isn't rescued on day 54 the Hatchet story but instead spends a good portion of the winter in the wilderness.

For me, this book didn't have the surprises and naivety of Hatchet but it was still humorous in places, like the terrorist skunk, and captured our basic human nature so well naming animals as if they are friends and feeling guilt when killing for food. Brian seems to spend his Audiobook narrated by Richard Thomas.

Brian seems to spend his days so effortlessly that the story lagged a bit towards the end. Still a great series. Oct 15, Jared rated it it was amazing. It started out in the early stages of fall and worked its way into the winter including all the changes that had to be made just to survive.

Brian’s Winter Audiobook by Gary Paulsen - Hatchet #3 - Online Streaming

He had to kill more for food and clothing. Brian spends a great majority of his time in his shelter to stay warm and not freeze to death in the harsh winter. The main character of this book is Brian. He is a very brave, tough, and intelligent boy who is trying to survive in t I read "Brian's Winter" by Gary Paulsen, I thought the book was good in some ways. He is a very brave, tough, and intelligent boy who is trying to survive in the northwoods during the winter.

Brian finds many struggles on his journey but what he finds hardest to deal with is not being able to see his family. He talked a lot about how much he missed his mom and dad. At the end of the book Brian meets a nice little trapper family that get him home. The setting of the book takes place in the woods during the winter months in modern times, which plays a major roll in the reading.

Brian is used to sleeping inside a building for the winter, having enough food, and not struggling at all. Now Brian is fighting for his life, remembering all that he had learned about the woods. He remembers the life that he used to live back in the city which causes him to undergo some very drastic changes in his lifestyle.

I feel that the author's purpose in writing this book it to try and tell people to get out of their comfort zones, because you never know what can happen to you or someone you love. I feel the author did a great job portraying that. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is an easy read. No matter your imagination, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know more. I rate the book five out of five stars. Apr 16, April Fell rated it it was amazing. Brian's Winter. Gary Paulsen received feedback from his readers that they wanted to know what happened to Brian in book II.

He felt an obligation to his readers to finish what he had started in Hatchet. Brian is stranded in the Alaskan wilderness when his plane goes down. It was either learn the ways of the wild or die.

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Brian built a shelter, learned to make tools, hunt for animals and sew clothing from hide. He also learned the rhythms of the seasons but had not yet experienced winter. He missed the clues of winter's arrival until one day he heard the geese flying south and then he knew his survival would depend on the skills he was learning. First, he killed small game with a makeshift bow and arrow he made. He realized however, these small animals would not sustain him throughout the winter-moose and deer were his next targets.

Join Brian on his journey and experience what it was for him to experience weeks in a wet, cold sleeping bag and clothing. The feeling of being alone in a forest with nothing to keep you company but sounds of the forest and your own thoughts. It is a life changing event from boyhood to manhood, just as the seasons change, so too does Brian. Highly Recommended Personal Response: "Brian's Winter" was a great book from the series of "Hatchet". Also this book was based on a series of events that happened in this timeline.

Plot: Brian is lost in the woods and is surviving out in the wilderness alone as a survivor of a plane crash. As winter approaches, Brian is hurrying to make up for lost time. About a month into winter there are gunshots across the lake and another plane overhead. Brian believes himself to be hallucinating these things and dismisses them Personal Response: "Brian's Winter" was a great book from the series of "Hatchet".

Brian believes himself to be hallucinating these things and dismisses them. Another month by, Brian finds himself along tracks of something man-made. Following these tracks, Brian finds a trapping family that has been in the area for about three weeks. Brian stays with them and shares his story before the next plane comes with another shipment to civilization. Characterization: Brian.

Brian is the main character and is a teenage boy surviving in the wilderness alone after a plane crash. Setting: The story takes place in modern times in a secluded forest far from any cities. Winter surrounds the forest and there is no sign of any cities around. Thematic Connection: I believe that the author is trying to tell the readers to be aware of one's surroundings and always think about what might happen in the coming days.

I recommend this book to anyone who is above the age of 12 and has a quick mind. View all 3 comments. Apr 01, Alberto rated it it was amazing. Ive learned about this book a lot. Now, when i hear someone has been stranded out in the wilderness, I always think about Brian. This book teaches you have to do a lot of things and speccially never give up and less when your life is on the line. I also liked that the book was very interesting, for example when Brian was attacked by a moose or how he learned to make snowshoes.

I really like adventure stories and even more survival stories, and this book covers all of it. I think it was very interesting how he learned to make his bow stronger so he can hunt easier. This book teaches you a lot. Mar 01, Jacob Delgadillo rated it really liked it. I thought the book was great after reading hatchet I thought the series was over but when I found out there was another book I bought it right away. I really liked this book because its about survival and being stranded and im really interested in those books.

I would recommend this book to people who like action and the hatchet series. View 1 comment. Nov 22, Ian Theissen rated it it was amazing. Probably one of my favorite books.

Brian's Winter

Feb 16, Rachelle rated it it was amazing. I am absolutely loving reading these books to my boys! We've been collecting the series and my 8yo and 10yo are mesmerized by the stories. So glad that we found the Hatchet anniversary edition at our school book fair because that is what got us started. My boys love Brian and Gary Paulsen's writing is superb!

Jul 26, Milt Jacobs rated it really liked it. Tyler's got me interested in this series. I thought this was a very good book, because I have read the previous books and they kept on getting better and better. He knew where the animals were and how to hunt them. He set up his camp under a rock by a small lake in Canada, where he only killed what he needed, and used the whole animal for tools and food.

Plot: Brian's Hunt was about Brian Robeson who was a thirteen year old boy and survived in a wilderness with a winter that came fast. He has learned to do a lot more things than an experienced adult might not even know. He learned many different things during the winter, He learned how to skin some big and small animals. In Brian's Hunt, he went to visit his Indian friends and saw that they and their camp have been killed and torn up.

Brian quickly could tell that it was a bear which did the damage. Brian swore to get revenge on the bear by hunting and killing it. He and his dog began to search for the bear, which because of its size left large tracks and scat. They finally found the bear and Brian wounded it with an arrow, but was easily thrown around by the large animal. His dog came to the rescue and distracted the bear while Brian gave the final shot. Brian and his dog, wounded by the bear, left the wilderness. Brian rested easy knowing he got revenge on the bear.

Setting: The book took place in the Canadian wilderness over the time of a few weeks in the summer. The setting impacted Brian because it was where he felt at home and in piece.

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He loved the outdoors more than the old life in the city and has a new knowledge and love of the wilderness. Characterization: Brian Robeson, changed by his first experience in Hatchet, can't let go of nature. This is the reason he went back on purpose. He is knowledgeable about wilderness because of his past, and he would do anything to stay.

His dog was also a character in this book. There bond was inseparable. Community, but it is seen more in Brian's Hunt. He cannot seem to readjust to his old way he lived in the city, but rather preferred life in the wild. He felt more comfortable in the wild and always had something that pulled him to it. Recommend: I would recommend this book to young adults.

Males would most likely read this book because of the nature this book brought. Young adults my age usually love the wilderness, so they would love this book. I rated this book 5 stars because of how much I was able to connect to it. I read the book brians winter. I enjoyed reading this book because it taught me how hard it would be to survive during winter.

I like survival books liked this one, because I love what the outdoors has to offer. Plot: Brian's Winter is book about a boy named Brian who survived in the Canadian wilderness over winter, after his plane had crashed. Brian set up his base camp about fifty yards from the lake and about fifty yards from the woods. He made a shelter to keep him protected from the wind and I read the book brians winter. He made a shelter to keep him protected from the wind and predators.

He gathering firewood had become a chore since he had burned all of his wood within a yards Brian never recognized the signs that winter was coming. Until one day when he woke up and the woods had with two inches of cold snow. Brian gathered firewood and began winterizing his shelter for winter. The days grew colder and shorter. He had less time to hunt, gather. Brian made himself a bow that could kill fool birds and rabbits on an accurate note. Brian never went hungry.

He had a couple close encounters with moose, bear, and wolves. One night a bear had found his meat and tore into his shelter apart to pieces. The moose charged him on a hunt and some wolves stalked him but left him alone. Brian sat days upon days in his shelter to stay warm by the fire.

He decided to make a war bow to kill bigger game. He made the bow, arrow shafts, and feathers. He made the stone tips out of a weird rock that he had found by the lake. He went out to hunt to kill a moose. Brian had enough meat to last him weeks. Over a period of time the days started to grow longer and warmer. He would go walking on day trips to explore the woods and the beauty of the world around him. Until one day he heard the gunshots. Brian came up on a small pond and saw what appeared to have been a pathway.

Brian followed that path until he found dog tracks in the snow. He followed that path until he saw three dogs that were tied up. Brian had finally found another person. He hadn't seen another person in over six months. The person was an eskimo man,he had came out of his hut and invited Brian in. He forgot how to socialize with someone else. Brian took on a journey to the nearest town and he boarded a plane, and he was heading home Characterization: Brian was a teenager that had crashed in a plane and was the only survivor.

He was smart enough to hunt, gather, and most importantly survive. Brian did what he needed to do to survive. He accepted the fact that he would never be rescued. He kept going and strived to survive.

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Brian had made it out of the wilderness without going insane.