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HTTP Web Server In C++ and

This book is great for developers that need to do network programming, who don't want to delve into the complicated issues of a raw networking API. Readers should also be familiar with "blocking" versus "non-blocking" operations.

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  • One of his freelance projects lets him combine two of his passions: programming and poker. You can reach him at john. No customer reviews. This is because Boost. Network functions are a perfect use for asynchronous operations because the transmission of data over a network may take a long time, which means acknowledgments and errors may not be available as fast as the functions that send or receive data can execute.

    (PDF) Torjo j boost asio c network programming | Илья Захаров -

    This example sends a HTTP request to a web server to download the homepage. Because data can only be received after a connection has been established, and because a connection can only be established after the name has been resolved, the various asynchronous operations are started in handlers. Since all operations are asynchronous, handlers are passed to the respective functions.

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    Depending on the operations, additional parameters may need to be passed. For example, the iterator it refers to an endpoint resolved from a name.

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    The array bytes is used to store data received. In main , boost::asio::ip::tcp::resolver::query is instantiated to create an object q. The handler first checks whether the name resolution has been successful. In this case ec is 0. Only then is the socket accessed to establish a connection. The address of the server to connect to is provided by the second parameter, which is of type boost::asio::ip::tcp::resolver::iterator. This parameter is the result of the name resolution.