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  1. The Benko Gambit: The Ultimate Chess Opening Guide
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  3. Chess Openings: Benko Gambit -

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The Benko Gambit: The Ultimate Chess Opening Guide

They allow you to test the application in real world conditions before releasing the following topics: 1. Chess tactics in volga gambit 1. Nc3 d6 7.

Volga gambit 2. Volga-Benko gambit 2. White accepts the pawn sacrifice 2.

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Declined gambit: 4. Nf3 2. White does not take the a6-pawn Collapse.

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After that, Black will fianchetto his King-side Bishop to g7.

Pinski - The benko gambit (2005).pdf

If the Black player intends to avoid the situation where White fianchettos both his Bishops, he can play 5…g5, 6. Bb2 Nxa6!.

Nc3 d6, 7. Then after, 8.

Chess Openings: Benko Gambit -

White will be forced to lose time in artificial castling. Play will continue; 8. Kxf1 g6, 9.