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Chagall, Lissitzky, Malévitch. L’avant-garde russe à Vitebsk () at Centre Pompidou

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L'avant Garde Russe

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Exhibition Catalogues. Marc Chagall A painter, but also a sculptor and a poet, he was born in in Belarus into a modest family of Jewish origin. It was in his native city that he discovered painting, before leaving in to study at the Fine Arts School in St. Petersburg and start working in the studio of a Russian ballet decorator. Dreaming of discovering Paris, he settled there in Nijinsky became Diaghilev's lover in late It was an intense relationship in which Diaghilev was often seen to dominate, and abruptly halted when Nijinsky married and Diaghilev dismissed him from the company in He returned briefly for two seasons during the First World War, but later suffered from schizophrenia, which eventually ended his career.

Disparition d'Oscar Rabin, maître de la seconde avant-garde russe

Creating ballet. Ballet uses the human body to express story and emotion. Given this basic character, ballet tends to explore strong simple stories which may also provide opportunities for dancers to display their virtuosity. While the dances performed by the Ballets Russes appeared revolutionary, they drew on existing traditions of ballet production.

Chagall, Malevitch et l'avant-garde russe. Révélations au Centre Pompidou - Vidéo YouTube

As the driving force of the company, Diaghilev gathered a wide range of composers, choreographers, designers and performers, but maintained ultimate control over every aspect of the productions. His greatest achievement was to ensure the close integration of story, music, choreography and design, creating spectacles where the overall impact surpassed the parts.

From the start, Diaghilev's ambition was to generate entirely new ballets rather than repeat others' successes. Typically, each Ballets Russes season might include two or three new productions and their creation, often protracted, took up a large proportion of his time and energy. The war years.